1. Blue-Crescent Dec 26, 2015

  2. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2015

  3. ghazalkashani May 10, 2015

    hope you are doing well Jan cause it's been a long time didn't see you and I know.....I still didn't reply your messageeeees! TwT

  4. Shimazaki Apr 09, 2015

    youre welcome ;)

  5. myri-chan Apr 05, 2015

  6. Shimazaki Apr 04, 2015

    im doin fine too thanks.
    great to hear tthat you lived in

  7. Shimazaki Apr 03, 2015

    hey how are you doin? hope you doin well on MT

  8. Masterchief80 Mar 31, 2015

    Quote by janfilllazy

    Quote by Masterchief80 Thanks for adding me to your friends list Jan.

    You're welcome masterchief,. and hi lolz :)
    how are you?

    Hi Jan
    Great. (sorry for the late reply) Thanks for asking, and how are you?

  9. ghazalkashani Mar 26, 2015

    yea :)
    new year was Saturday and the beginning of spring here but soon......a Hell gonna come XD
    but you are still lucky cause you have 3 seasons but I only have 2! ^w^
    just a short spring and.....summer after that a hell coming yaaaaaayyyyyy D:
    awwwwww.....I know what you mean but we talked in here Jan but I got sad when you got upset and apologized alot :(
    plus on that time you had your exams so you were really busy to come and reply and this is amazing!
    freedom for you and LOTS of new animes to watch! hope you will enjoy your free times
    and you are very very welcome but don worry I wasn't get sad much just didn't know why you didn't reply XD
    awwwww.....this is awesome and glad you are happy now ^w^

  10. ghazalkashani Mar 26, 2015

    Hello Jan and you are very welcome :)
    yea more time on net but dying from sleeping in the mornings however I slept around one p.m today and it was suck you like dark colors? and I love the purple color lot.....hmmm....purple and red are my favs and also white and yellow because I love light colors than dark :)
    yeah he don have any super powers and he can beat Superman too but Batman is kinda mean in most of the ways =____='
    but if he didn't have that much money then he wasn't able to make all of these but.....
    how he always wins even some of his enemies have super powers?! =w=a
    but......JOKER'S JOKES ARE ANNOYIIIIIIING! well they are fun :)

    I love the chibi version of Akame ga Kill however the story is so sad but these OVAs are funny
    I was so sad for both Susano and Maine and cried but that DAMN Bols toy made me lol after my crying Dx
    eh! deadly games? it's about hell and heaven but it's a good anime
    hehe then you are sooooooooo lucky and I believe you cannot wait anymore until see them all Jan :D
    didn't see Nisekoi :o
    really? then I will go and check your page in BA for it Mentor Jan!

  11. Masterchief80 Mar 25, 2015

    Thanks for adding me to your friends list Jan.

  12. myri-chan Mar 25, 2015

    Quote by janfilllazyyeah but atari was so cheap that time, me and my friends always compete and team up to take on the boss in a game.. lolz primitive
    honestly i played all the nintendo games there because i didn't have nintendo,. i played mario,pac-man,megaman,contra, street fighter,power rangers, mortal combat and i don't know if the last 3 games i mentioned was even a nintendo game lolz..
    ooohhh nice i didn't finish those two games because at that time psp games were booming and i got addicted to some of those games so some of the games i played at psp was half finished..
    yeah maybe because of mario,pokemon and zelda that nintendo still is standing to this day.. yes yes we can i salute the programmers and hackers for doing this for us.. :D

    yes i had one too but the only thing that i liked about it was the joystick *Lol*
    mario is from nintendo but megaman and streetfighter are from capcom ! mortal kombat is a midway game
    and power rangers a bandai one but all these games were available on nintendo's console :)
    i didnt finish my games either cause i had a problem with the joystick of my psp some sort of bug :/ characters were moving by themselves XD
    nintendo is a legend ! they are truly the disney of videogames ! ^__^

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